Do you know why tight neck can cause you chronic headache and dizziness?

A continuous connective tissue covers the upper part of the our skull called galea aponeurotica, which connects to our deep neck muscles, muscle groups surround our eyes and ears, and closely linked to vestibular nervous system, a sensory system that provides the leading contribution to the sense of balance and spatial orientation. This fascia contents massive proprioception receptors, therefore its main tasks are protecting our skull and dectecing our neck and head posotion.

However, if the neck muscles have been placed under a high tension status or been stretched for a longer time frame, it will cause our brain getting fatigue and delayed responding to the signal sent from other neurological sub-systems. When our vestibular system is sending signals to our brain but it can not respond normally, as a result, headache and dizziness symptoms will start presenting

It is easy to self-manage these annoyning headache and dizziness. A briefly and gentle head and neck massage, correcting your sitting and standing posture, and drinking plenty of water, keep exercising and being active can reset excessive nerve signals inputs and outputs and allow your brain to take a break.

Seeking professional experts such as osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractors and personoal trainers for special manual interventions and muscle trainings can help you moving pain free, and living life to the full.

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