Macquarie Park

About our Macquarie Park Clinic

What Do we Treat?

Our clinic is suited to treat a diversity of physical limitations and injuries. We are a private rehab clinic that is ready to help and educate you on how you can treat enforce prophylactic management respectively. Whether it is a sports injury, work injury, injury you got from your leisurely activities or even stiffnesses that crept up under the radar, we are ready to clearly diagnose and identify the root causes and fixes to this injury.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are a adolescent, adult or elderly, if you have any injuries that should be checked by your physiotherapist or osteopath, definitely come and see one so you can be moving pain free, and living life to the full!

Clinic statement:

We believe that rehabilitation should not just be about pain management. Our Macquarie Park clinic is here to push you above and beyond baseline so you can meet new athletic highs.

Theres no catch to it. Here we will help formulate with you a tapered program fitting for your functional and athletic goals. So head over to Macquarie Park to start your assessment and improvement!

Back to Active Sports and Spinal – Macquarie Park, is located at shop 3, 6 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park. Services available at our Macquarie Park clinic include Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Remedial Massage.

To make an appointment at our Macquarie Park clinic, please call (02) 9888 9468 (9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri) or book online.

Macquarie Park Physio Joshua Shum assessing knee and hip 1170 x 658

Macquarie Park Osteopath Dr Wei 'David' tai 1170 x 658

Dr Gloria Ryan offers acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Macquarie Park