Physiotherapy in Macquarie Park

Looking for a great Physiotherapist in Macquarie Park? You’ve come to the right place! Back to Active Macquarie Park is located at shop 3, 6 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park. You’ll be in great hands!

🚗 Driving? We have free parking.

🚈 Taking the Metro? We’re a 3 min stroll from the Macquarie Park Metro station.

📱 Call (02) 9888 9468 or Book Online Here.

Meet our Physiotherapists:

Chris Dodd
Joshua Shum

What to expect at your first consultation:

At your first session, your Physio will ask you about the history of your problem to establish when and where it first started and how they may have changed over time, the treatments (if any) you have received to date, and the impact it may be having on your life.

Next, your Physio will carry out a hands-on examination, and various tests of the spine, nervous system, muscles and joints. Generally, none of these tests are painful, however if you are in acute pain, your Physio may ask you to demonstrate what positions and movements reproduce or exacerbate your pain.

After identifying the underlying cause/s (which usually don’t, however occasionally do require referral for an x-ray, C-T scan or MRI), your Physio will set some treatment goals, with the ultimate goal being to restore maximal, pain-free movement to your muscles and joints.

Why choose Back to Active Macquarie Park?

✔️ Free on-site parking.

✔️ Appointments are available early and late so you don’t have to skip work for your appointment.

✔️ Health fund rebates are available for all of our services (we can swipe your card on the spot!).

Fees/ How to get started:

To make your first appointment, either call (02) 9888 9468, or book online.

You initial consult and treatment with one of our Physiotherapists will cost only $120. Any following consults and treatments with one of our Physiotherapists will cost just $90.