Neck pain: learn it and solve it

Are you suffering from neck pain because working from home? This article may help you with your neck pain! Before we start, please read these two following questions. Q1: Is neck tension causing you headaches? Do you have pain radiating down your arm, shoulder blades or back? Q2: Are you constantly trying to sretch or […]

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Treatment Options

What needs to be mentioned is that there are many treatment avenues for an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear. Moreover, there is no stringent guidelines on when you need to participate in these treatment methods; and the timing of these protocols/protocol progression remains loose.

What should you do if you tear your ACL?

What should you do if you tear your ACL?   The infamous ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear, reminding us of all the famous athletes like Derrick Rose, Tom Brady, Klay Thompson, the list goes on. It’s quite obvious when an ACL tear does happen. Often it is through impact/trauma, but sometimes it can even be […]


Fear of reinjury – what does it do?   It’s easy to think of extrinsic factors being a cause of injury. Rocky surfaces, injuries due to being tackled or any other physical contact, and finally injuries due to slipping off shoe malfunctions. These are all extrinsic factors that are detrimental to us and can significant […]

Which lumbar support should I buy?

Which lumbar support should I buy? Although it is still unclear whether lumbar supports are more effective than other interventions for treatment of low back pain, we do frequently get the question, which lumbar support is best for my back. This creates a half truth in positing that lumbar support can decrease the susceptibility of […]

Flexion pulley injury

Flexion pulley injury for rock climbers   Fingers are very important, they help use hold things, they help us use a pen, they’re used for typing and all sorts of other meticulous tasks.   Rock climbers and bouldering alike, for those who heavily rely on their flexor components to hold up their body will be […]

Why Proprioception?

What is proprioception and why should I train it? We’ve all heard of the floating term proprioception, but what does it actually mean? Proprioception this, proprioception that, we could talk all about it and it would still mean nothing. Continue reading to get a better understanding of what it is! Here are two definitions of […]

Which Cardio machine is right for you?

Which Cardio machine is right for you?   It’s important to navigate the needs of the individual before identifying which cardio machine can reap the most positive results for you. What are your goals? What are you trying to slowly achieve? What pre-existing mechanical injuries do you have? What are you naturally inclined to and […]