Hamstring Strain Injuries  

Hamstring strain injuries Runners, sprinters, rubgy, oztag or soccer players beware. Whether you’re Usain bolt or just a weekend NFL superstar, everyone should have or at least know about have preventative measures against hamstring strain injuries. Hamstring strains are quite the predicament. In the NFL alone, they account for 12% of all injuries at a […]

Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylitis

Tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis Have you experienced pain while playing racquet sports? Or do constantly participate, or have recently participated, in manual heavy jobs? If so, and if you are currently experiencing pain on the lateral side of your elbow, this article will help explain what tennis elbow is and what you can do to get […]

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Ankle Sprains (inversion)

Whether it maybe walking on uneven pavements, playing dynamic sports or landing on someone else’s foot, we may have experienced what is known as an ankle sprain. Ankle sprain are a common reoccurring injury. How these injuries generally play out involves stepping badly or landing on an uneven surface, causing us to place pressure on […]

Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis / intertrochanteric bursitis Have you taken a hiatus from running, come back and felt a niggle around your hip area? Or do you play soccer, rugby or oztag, adopted a new technique or training regime, then adopted a poorly localised hip pain? You’re not sure if it is your hip, yet it’s a […]

Supraspinatous tendinopathy/tendinosis

Supraspinatus tendinosis Recreational or professional athlete, there is always a chance that we may have overexerted ourselves after one training session or a long weeks’ worth of training. Or perhaps, we took a long break from regular gym regimes and we jumped back straight into heavy overhead lifting. Being overzealous with exercise, overhead lifting or […]

General neck pain

Neck pain Neck pain is debilitating. Whether we use our necks to talk to people in meetings, play with our children, blind spot checking while driving or playing sport. We use our neck to do important tasks. Stats: 30% of patients with neck pain will develop chronic symptoms 37% of individuals who experience neck pain […]

Knee cap pain / Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrom (PFPS)

Knee cap pain (Patellofemoral pain syndrome) It’s fun to play a nice hard game of soccer. Everything’s all fine and dandy, scoring a few goals here and there; and getting in that weekly exercise that doubles up as a social event. Except you’re starting to feel a ‘niggle’ (mild irritation) around your knee cap. You […]

Frozen Shoulder/ Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen Shoulder/ Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen shoulder or Adhesive capsulitis is a debilitating condition that occurs without reason or provocation. Frozen Shoulder begins with dull achy pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint and could cause pain down the back, side and front of the upper limb. It occurs most commonly in the 40 to 60 […]

Annular Strain/ Annular Tear

To those who experience back pain after a long day’s worth of work or even a long flight that warrants copious amounts of sitting and spinal compression this is a good article for you. This article may explain why you’re experiencing that lower back pain. What is it? The human spine is comprised of 23 […]

Picking the best school bag, and how to wear it

As parents around the country are busy getting their kids prepared for the upcoming school year, we thought we’d share this article from BubHub, written with information from Osteopathy Australia. Carrying a backpack that is too heavy, or not fitted correctly, can cause long term damage to young spines, so it’s important to get your […]