Functional Movement Screen

What is the functional movement screen?

The Functional Movement Screen (“FMS”) is an assessment which identifies mobility and stability imbalances during functional multi-joint movement patterns. This assessment tool highlights the individual’s compensatory movement problems, allowing for easy identification of injury risk. The test comprises seven fundamental movement patterns that require a combination of mobility and stability.

1. The deep squat

2. The Incline lunge

3. The hurdle

4. Shoulder mobility test

5. Active straight leg raise

6. Push up

7. Rotary stability

The assessment will be carried out by Physiotherapist Alina Kennedy and includes the 7 step Functional Movement Screen and a prescription of corrective exercise based entirely on the unique aspects of your score. You’ll find out your weakest aspects and exactly what you need to work on. These corrective exercises will be demonstrated and taught during the session, which you can incorporate during your CrossFit workout. We will then re-assess after 6 weeks – giving you enough time to correct any imbalances and progress into more challenging exercises.

The test will take approximately 15-20 minutes to conduct. A score of 0-21 will be allocated. A ‘passing score’ is 14+.

Why screen?

Are you new to Box HQ? Haven’t exercised in a while or challenging yourself to progress to a new level? Can you squat to full depth without your knees or ankles collapsing? Do you struggle to correctly perform an overhead squat? Do your shins and knees hurt after running?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is important to do a screen. You might have limitations and asymmetries which if left unidentified can lead to compensations and eventually result in injury. We want you to always perform at your peak!

How do I book in for a screen?

To book in a screen, contact Back to Active reception (at Box HQ reception. Call 9745 6803) and ask to book in a ‘Functional Movement Screen’. An FMS is $110- including your assessment and any exercise prescription. Health-fund rebates are available for those with Physiotherapy cover.