Suffering low back pain? It can be treated.

Back pain affects 80% of the population at some point throughout life, however most people are unaware of the cause of their back pain and what they can do about it. Low back pain makes up the majority of this populous.

Low back pain can be distinguished into three categories, the first being serious and specific causes of back pain which are very rare (eg. fracture, cancer, infection and systemic conditions). The remainder of low back pain is divided into those with signs and symptoms suggesting compression or irritation of a nerve root or those with mechanical back pain. Over the coming weeks I will be blogging about various types of low back pain and how an Osteopath can help assist you to manage these conditions.

Mechanical back pain

Mechanical back pain makes up 90% of the population that experience some form of back pain. The causes can vary depending on each person and can range from joint stiffness, weakness, muscle spasms and trauma.

Generally individuals may experience mechanical back pain from things like sitting for prolonged periods, heavy lifting, repetitive movements and can also be sustained while exercising or playing sports.

Mechanical back pain is a common condition that can be treated by Osteopaths. A thorough case history is taken to get a good understanding of your current condition and your overall medical history. This is followed up by a detailed assessment of your whole back; this is to help us diagnose your back pain and aid in the preparation of treatment and a management plan. Osteopaths use a wide variety of treatment techniques, which include soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization or manipulation, stretching and exercise rehab. Moreover our focus is on educating patients to know how they can manage their condition appropriately to reach the optimal outcome.

Once your condition has settled, we will provide a management plan to help avoid any further injury and help you to return back to normal daily activities.

If you’d like to discuss any back pain related issues with one of our Osteopaths, please phone reception on 1300 026 947 to make a booking.

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