Sports Injuries

With many winter sports seasons coming to a close, and Grand Finals fever at an all time high, we thought we’d take this opportunity to look at sports injuries, and how you can try and prevent them. Whether you dabble in a friendly match, or perform at an elite level, injuries can happen to the best of us. Absence of a proper warm up and cool down routine, and returning to sport too early after an existing injury can take a toll on the body, and often result in the most common form of sports injuries – soft tissue injuries.


Soft tissue refers to tissues that connect, support, or surround other structures and organs of the body. Damage can be caused by a direct hit, strain, or sprain, to muscles, tendons and ligaments. You can help avoid these types of injuries in a variety of ways, and the following fact sheet from Sports Medicine Australia looks at prevention, symptoms, and treatment of soft tissue injuries. 719-SMA-InjuryBrochure-softtissue_web

Back to Active can help prevent and treat many types of sporting injuries. If you do become injured, our team is highly trained to facilitate a return to optimal function and prevent compensatory strains from occurring. This will minimise re-injury and allow a quicker return to physical activity.

Osteopathic treatment involves safe, gentle and effective manual techniques, including soft tissue stretching, mobilisation, inhibition and manipulation. These techniques assist in improving elasticity, strength, endurance, mobility and performance.

If you have any further questions about how we can help with sporting injures, please contact one of our team members.




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